XR Academy Roadmap


Phases + Analogy

There are four phases of your XR Academy journey. Below we go through each phase; similarly to hiking a mountain, going through a transition-to-teaching program takes preparation, tools, dedication, and support. As we "hike" together, you will be given the tools + mindset needed to thrive in the current phase and take you to the next.

Phase 1

Admission to the XR Academy & Pre-launch Preparation

Screening Process:
  • Application to XR Academy Transition to Teaching Program
    • Submit all university transcripts
  • Invitation to take required assessments
    • Predictive Index: Behavioral Screening & Cognitive Screen
  • Notification of acceptance
    • Full = those with math degree or other STEM degree with sufficient math credits
    • Provisional = no math degree (full acceptance after passing Math Content Exam for teachers)
    • Teacher Apprentice = those who are in the process of completing a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Pay program fee (if not paid by school employer or other)
  • Take NWEA (at beginning of training)

XRA Pre-Launch Coursework

In-person Workshops (2 workshops, 2 days each/4 days total, in first 30 days)

Before launching their XR class, Candidates will participate in a 4-week “boot camp” period. Included in this are two days of in-person workshops at the start and two days of in-person workshops at the end of the pre-launch training period. These workshops will introduce XR Academy candidates to the XR Math model and allow them to practice before entering the classroom.  Candidates should complete Courses 1-3 by the start of the 2nd workshop.

1. XRA Training Before the Hike: Human Resources & Company Culture

This content is a significant part of workforce development pedagogy. These are things that are lacking in traditional teacher training programs and are important to supporting teachers in understanding workforce practices before entering the school.

  • 1.0 Human Resources Experience for Teachers
  • 1.1 XR Company Culture
  • 1.2 Pre-launch Compliance
  • Performance Review #1: LMS Grading

2. XRA Packing Your Bag: Introduction to XR Math & Technology

  • 2.0 Slack Training
  • 2.1 Clever Training
  • 2.2 Introduction to XR Mathematics
  • 2.3 Introduction to XR Mathematical Mindsets

3. XRA Trailhead: Designing Your Class & Classroom Management

  • 3.0 Designing your XR Xcel Experience
  • 3.1 Designing your XR Core Experience
  • 3.2 Classroom Launch
  • 3.3 Classroom Management & Logistics
  • 3.4 Resources for the XR (Core & Xcel) Class
  • Performance Review #2: LMS Grading
While working through the modules, XR Academy students will simultaneously be working through the XR math curriculum to prepare for taking the Math Content Exam for Teachers. This will depend upon their tested level on the NWEA exam.

Phase 2

Continued learning while in your XR Class

While continuing to work through the Academy curriculum, Candidates will be partaking in their residency period implementing XR Math in the classroom, supervised and evaluated by the XR management team and XR Classroom Consultants. The residency may come later if it is not feasible for a candidate to be completing it while going through the XRA coursework.

4. XRA The Hike, Part 1: Model of Your Class & School

  • 4.0 Building a Model of your School
  • 4.1 Building a Model of your Classroom
  • 4.2 Comparing your Classroom to National Norms
  • 4.3 Machine Learning Statistical Analysis
  • Performance Review #3: LMS Grading + Classroom Observation #1

5. XRA The Hike, Part 2: Mathematical Knowledge & Classroom Interactions

  • 5.0 Mathematics for Teaching
  • 5.1 Mathematical Content Knowledge
  • 5.2 Mathematical Transitions
  • Performance Review #4: LMS Grading + Classroom Observation #2

6. XRA The Hike, Part 3: Tier 2 in the XR Classroom

  • 6.0 Virtual Coaching
  • 6.1 Designing Micro-lecture for Virtual Learning
  • 6.2 Small-group and 1-to-1 Student Engagement
  • 6.3 Peer Learning Engagement
  • Performance Review 5: LMS Grading + Classroom Observation #3

Phase 3

State Licensure Exams

(Anticipated Start: Content Exam at 6 months, Praxis at 9-15 months)

7. XRA The Lower Summit: State Licensure Exam

  • 7.0 The Math Content Exam
  • 7.1 The Praxis: Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam

Phase 4

Transition to Teacher: Support of Teacher & Community

(Anticipated Start: After state exam)

8. XRA Switchbacks: XR Math and the Community Connection

  • 8.0 Mathematics in the Community
  • 8.1 Empowered Transformations (Hiking Essentials & Campfire Reflections)
    • Virtual stand-up (Date TBD)
  • 8.2 Linking Mathematics to Community-Based Learning
    • Virtual stand-up (Date TBD)
  • Performance Review #6: LMS Grading + Classroom Observation #4

9. XRA Continuing with the Essentials and Campfire Reflections: Transformative Education

(Anticipated start: continuous throughout the 12-15 months of the XRA program)

  • 1. Beyond Growth Mindset: Creating a Whole Student and Everyone Culture
  • 2. Conscious and Responsive Living and Learning
  • 3. Strengths-based Living and Learning
  • 4. Your Virtues and Values in Action
  • 5. The Empowerment Dynamic
  • 6. Emotional Intelligence and Regulation
  • 7. Cognitive Awareness: The Power and Problematic Nature of Thinking
  • 8. Embodied Education: Including Body and Nervous System
  • 9. Self-Energy and Balance
  • 10. Relational Literacy and Healthy Boundaries
  • 11. Compassion and Connection
  • 12. The Confidence Gap
  • 13. Navigating Difficulty and Challenge
  • 14. Wonder and Curiosity: Follow Your Inquiry
  • 15. Design Your Journey from Here and Now