XR Mathematics

Math Department as a Service

We provide the option for schools to hire us as a vendor to run their math department—including people, curriculum, and more. With XR Mathematics, we are able to eliminate a considerable amount of hurdles that hinder schools' math instruction delivery. 

XR combines in-person instruction, virtual content experts, technology, and an adaptive curriculum to provide students with a blended learning experience.


Using data to improve each day

XR’s proprietary data process and dashboards provide valuable insights for student progress, class pacing, and student resource needs.


Dedicated Secondary Math Support

Nexus is our virtual collaboration space, where students can work with peers and receive individual support from professional content specialists.


On-site Implementation + Instruction

Our trained and licensed educators facilitate learning in the classroom


Research Department Support

All XR classrooms are supported by industry-leading researchers

The XR Mathematics platform integrates global knowledge with process and technology to enable and scale local  math expertise.

Focus on Your School's Vision

Delve into details of XR Math and its effectiveness in the video below.

Are you a school leader?

You don't have to solve these problems alone.

XR Mathematics enables schools to outsource all or a portion of their math department functions.

The XR space is an environment of continuous improvement, meaning the XR Coach and supporting staff are constantly monitoring activity and learning what is valuable for our students, school clients, and employees. We then make informed adjustments where changes make sense.

XR Math aims to foster an environment where students are more hands-on with their education by providing a blended learning environment with an element of student choice. The XR Coach builds and maintains an environment where students can access readily available learning resources, gradually releasing students to navigate all resources by themselves.