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Indiana company identifies people seeking to become math teachers

Rafael SánchezPublished Aug. 23, 2022, on WRTV

"I knew I had a calling to give back," Jefferson said “I wanted to have an opportunity to build community and have a direct impact rather than nobody knows what I'm doing in an industry setting."


Indiana tech striving to affect positive change in education

Joe Perin • Published Aug. 16, 2022, on TECHPOINT

“Technology is fundamentally worthless unless you understand the process of a sector that is in need of disruption,” said Dr. Kevin Berkopes, CEO and founder of XR Technologies. “Healthcare and education are the two vital sectors that are people-oriented but lack a consistency to process. We started ‘Departments as a Service’ so that our team could fully understand the process necessary of finding and training talent, deploying a highly effective, high-tech mathematics learning experience, and then scaling that and replicating that in different educational markets.”


Indiana lacks initiatives to attract potential educators, end teacher shortage

Dr. Kevin BerkopesPublished Aug. 14, 2022, on IndyStar.

“In the past, no innovation has concentrated on collapsing curriculum and human resources into one end-to-end product in education. Many examples of other industries exist. Why wouldn’t this work in education? A school curriculum without the potential to attract talent is a ship without a crew. What good is a curriculum without teachers?”


Shortage of math teachers: 'It's a crisis situation'

Taylor Bennett • Published Aug. 2, 2022, on WFYI

As students soon head back to school, many districts will be faced with teacher shortages, especially in areas including math.  WFYI’s Taylor Bennett spoke with XR Technologies founder and CEO Kevin Berkopes. His company recently received permission from the Indiana Department of Education to license K-12 mathematics teachers.  Berkopes talks about why there is such a huge gap in what is needed and the lack of available teachers.


The education system has all the talent it needs

Kevin Berkopes • Published Aug. 2, 2022, on Inside Indiana Business

Your social media feed will inundate you with the grim statistics about the state of our education system nationally. Students are falling further behind, and teacher talent is at a crisis shortage level. The pandemic didn’t cause this; it just exacerbated it.


XR Technologies launching teacher licensure program

Published June 26, 2022, by Inside Indiana Business

The numbers just aren't adding up...why aren't there enough math teachers in Indiana classrooms and what is being done to solve the problem? XR Technologies CEO & Founder Kevin Berkopes has more on how the Indianapolis-based ed-tech startup is launching a new teacher licensure program.

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Abdul Hakim-Shabazz • Published July 17, 2022, on Indy Politics

Indiana-Based XR Technologies and The Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at researching strategies for improving math curricula, developing and licensing alternative sources of education talent, and increasing self-directed, engaged learning in K-12 education. The partnership will commence in June 2022.

“The XR Mathematics platform’s purpose is to enable school leaders to overcome math teacher vacancies by developing and credentialing the talent in their local community,” said Kevin Berkopes, Ph.D., co-founder, and CEO of XR Technologies.  “Having Johns Hopkins, one of the premier research universities in the world, serve as a third-party evaluator of our offerings will significantly aid our ability to help school leaders, teachers, and students with math instruction.”

Indy Politics spoke to Berkopes about the program.

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Indianapolis-based ed-tech startup XR Technologies to launch teacher licensure program

Published May 13, 2022, on IBJ

XR Technologies hires teachers—it calls them coaches—who have a bachelor’s degree and may be looking to enter the teaching profession from some other career. The teachers work at public, private, and charter schools around the state, teaching students in the classroom, though they are actually employed by XR Technologies.


XR Technologies Makes Promotion

Reed Parker • Published Jan. 20, 2022, on Inside Indiana Business