Mission + Values + Mantra

Our Mission

To enable communities everywhere to reach their potential by extending global math knowledge + expertise

Our Core Purpose

Create learning solutions that unlock the potential of people

Our Core Values


Yearn for continuous self-improvement + growth


Treat everyone with respect


Enjoy solving problems with integrity


Inspire others with positivity and perseverance


XR is a process. The XR Math classroom is grounded in fundamental guiding principles that all students and XR Coaches (XRC) need to adopt to be successful. 

Explore each tab to see how each value applies to XRCs and students.


Students: You as a student will never be done growing and developing. As a person, your priorities will change so consistently that learning facts are not as essential as learning how to learn.

XRCs: You as a professional will never be done growing and developing. You cannot have a goal of achieving good enough. This is less about your ability as an educator and more about the constant demands of having changing priorities as a human being as you age through the facets of your life. Embrace the Yet; embrace the constant change and growth opportunities of life.


Students: Inevitably, a well-lived life will not be without its challenges, pain, or hardship. The issues we face and must navigate are always more successful when we are more nimble in thought and have a more flexible approach to problem-solving.

XRCs: The dynamic nature of teaching is that you are constantly working with variables (students) that will change by the day, hour, or second. This means that you need a level of nimbleness to your problem solving and inevitably will face new challenges often within the framework of your job. Because of our integrity, we never take shortcuts and we always choose to do right by the students we are entrusted with. 


Students: Place your needs as a human being within the context of the greater community that you live within. It is not true that your needs supersede others but are part of the same requirements for a well-lived life. Often others' actions towards you are more about themselves than you, which is also true in reverse.

XRCs: This means that you need to understand your needs, the professionals around you, the students you work with, and the extended stakeholders that count on the supportive raising of children in our community. This starts with you as a professional; you should understand that you are a professional and that the activities of that profession are vital to our community and that your daily walk must live up to that expectation. 


Students + XRCs: Inevitably we learn from others that have taken an interest in us as human beings. We are inspired by their stories, by their energy, or by the words that they say that help us feel like we can do what we believe we want out of our lives. Never underestimate the power of positivity, support, and understanding. Lifelong learning isn't about avoiding mistakes; it is about how you behave when they happen.


Remember to Embrace the Yet(i)

EMBRACE THE YET • Mantra Analogy


Understanding a topic or gaining a skill isn't instantaneous—there is a process and experiences on the way to your goal. Let's say we're going up a mountain... the summit is goal achievement, the path is the XR process, and the climb is full of experiences.

Growth Mindset

Beginning the journey IS the beginning. Your mindset needs to be open to growth, despite not knowing how to do something yet.

Non-linear Pathways

Sometimes there are switchbacks; you may even go down to go up.

Determination + Reassurance

You may not see the summit from the bottom, but you can have confidence that others have reached the summit by making the climb.

No Workarounds

The only way to reach the summit is to do what you need to do—no shortcuts.

Going Forward

After you reach one summit, there's always an opportunity to climb another mountain. And you'll know you have the skills from the first climb that will help to reach the next!