Mission + Values + Mantra

Our Mission

To enable communities everywhere to reach their potential by extending global math knowledge + expertise

Our Values

Equitable Access to Education

Owning mistakes + shortcomings with optimism

Academic Hope + Growth

Teacher + Student Well-being


XR is a process. The “yet” reinforces growth mindset concepts while simultaneously managing expectations for coaches and schools.


  • Relationship with teaching: Underscores the humility of learning. Coaches are continuously learning how to coach while also leading students through a way of thinking and learning that the students don’t yet understand.
  • Relationship with XR: Embracing an opportunity for growth with an openness to the potential of "YET"


  • Relationship with XR: Open themselves to adopting something new and innovative even if they are not fully understanding of it "YET"
  • Relationship with their customers (parents/students): Learning from XR is new for the school, for parents, and for students. We may not see results immediately, and there may even be short-term dips along the path. It will take time. But together we are Embracing the YET
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Remember to Embrace the Yet(i)

Mantra Analogy

Understanding a topic or gaining a skill isn't instantaneous—there is a process and experiences on the way to your goal. Let's say we're going up a mountain... the summit is goal achievement, the path is the XR process, and the climb is full of experiences.

Growth Mindset

Beginning the journey IS the beginning. Your mindset needs to be open to growth, despite not knowing how to do something yet.


Non-linear Pathways

Sometimes there are switchbacks; you may even go down to go up.


Determination + Reassurance

You may not see the summit from the bottom, but you can have confidence that others have reached the summit by making the climb.


No Workarounds

The only way to reach the summit is to climb.


Going Forward

After you reach one summit, there's always an opportunity to climb another mountain. And you'll know you have the skills from the first climb that will help to reach the next!