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XR Technologies is a team of passionate educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs who create processes and technology to help school leaders deal with their math department hurdles.


Our proprietary 'flex blended learning' curriculum–alongside our data management software–automates and streamlines best practices in order to facilitate the best possible learning process for each and every student.

Don't have a staff member or candidate in mind to be your math teacher?  XR Mathematics enables schools to outsource a portion of, or the entirety of, math department functions.

Math Teacher Licensure

MathTrack University is a math teacher licensure program that ensures technical expertise in deploying an engaging 5th-12th grade mathematics learning experience for students by strong, capable, and caring teachers.

Our flexible program allows candidates to work in the classroom–following a 30-day "boot camp"–and complete their coursework while they work.

We are an accredited Educator Preparation Provider for grades 5-12 Mathematics.

Ending the math teacher shortage in Indiana and striving to...

Improve communities through math

We enrich communities by improving the quality of their math programs.

Create opportunities for growth

We remove barriers and activate the potential of people with approachable career opportunities in math.

Equip teachers to succeed

We source, train, and equip teachers to teach blended learning math curriculum.

"We want to build a community of learners so regardless of where they go, they understand that these are the small things that actually make us successful."

XR Coach + Manager
Gary, IN

"If we can connect, build relationships that are positive, and then help [students] build relationships with the world that are positive; after that, mathematics, content, reading, literacy take care of themselves."

Dr. Kevin Berkopes

"I definitely want my math class to be like this next year."

Student at 21st Century HS (Gary, IN)

"I just wanted to let you know I’m grateful for all the help and how often you have to put up with everybody's craziness. Thank you for being that kind of person. You are appreciated!"

Student (to XR Coach)
RBJ Middle School

"Math is really a vehicle for us to be teaching lots of different life skills to students... One of the things we're really looking for in a coach is someone who is going to have the ability to really connect with the students"

Marian Bibb

"[school leader] said he loves what he sees and that what you all are doing is the most engaged he's seen students with math. He says he knows that the kids are going to be successful in the program. "

in message to XR Coaches

"I not only wanted to be a teacher, I also wanted to be someone that the kids can actually talk to and actually coach them into being effective adults."

XR Coach

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