Let's solve some math problems.

Who is XR Technologies?

XR Technologies is a team of passionate educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs who create processes and technology to help school leaders deal with their math department hurdles.

Our classroom program, XR Mathematics, enables schools to outsource a portion of, or the entirety of, math department functions. XR Mathematics is a research-based and self-directed model that provides the people, process, and technology to deliver mathematics. 

What is XR Academy?

XR Academy is a teacher licensure program that ensures technical expertise in deploying an engaging 5-12 mathematics learning experience for students by strong, capable, and caring teachers.

Currently a teacher or staff member at a school and want to be trained and licensed as a math teacher? Apply below!

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We are an accredited Educator Preparation Provider for grades 5-12 Mathematics.

Why We Exist:


Teacher shortages

are being reported nationwide. Schools need a way to make sure they will never experience vacancies.


Students are behind

in math and often struggle to catch up.


Teachers need more support

Having a readily available team of various experts can help teachers to be more successful


Technology is often misused

The implementation of specific platforms + software can propel student growth, but schools (understandably) struggle to organize this usage.

"We want to build a community of learners so regardless of where they go, they understand that these are the small things that actually make us successful."

XR Coach + Manager
Gary, IN

"If we can connect, build relationships that are positive, and then help [students] build relationships with the world that are positive; after that, mathematics, content, reading, literacy take care of themselves."

Dr. Kevin Berkopes

"I definitely want my math class to be like this next year."

Student at 21st Century HS (Gary, IN)

"I just wanted to let you know I’m grateful for all the help and how often you have to put up with everybody's craziness. Thank you for being that kind of person. You are appreciated!"

Student (to XR Coach)
RBJ Middle School

"Math is really a vehicle for us to be teaching lots of different life skills to students... One of the things we're really looking for in a coach is someone who is going to have the ability to really connect with the students"

Marian Bibb

"[school leader] said he loves what he sees and that what you all are doing is the most engaged he's seen students with math. He says he knows that the kids are going to be successful in the program. "

in message to XR Coaches

"I not only wanted to be a teacher, I also wanted to be someone that the kids can actually talk to and actually coach them into being effective adults."

XR Coach

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